Saturday, 29 April 2017

Nutters in the corner

Paul Nutter, the UKIP leader was on the TV this afternoon announcing he was standing in the general election as candidate for Boston & Skegness. It remains a mystery how this man who lied about losing friends in the Hillsborough disaster remains involved in politics at all, let alone leader of a political party, no matter how increasingly irrelevant it is becoming.

Nuttall should be at home sitting in the corner with a dunces cap on.

Meanwhile things just get worse for Labour as their own staff declare they will go on strike if Corbyn fails to resign after a disastrous result. Good for them. All good trade unionists should stand with them.

The Labour Party was in part founded by the trade unions in order to gain political representation in order to make gains for their members. Thee party has until now always been a "broad church encompassing a variety of views.

That is until the rise of the Corbynistas and their "new politics".

Now intolerance of anyone who does not think like them is rampant.  Disagree and you get labelled as a "Red Tory" or "Blue Labour" let alone being classed as ... (shock, horror) a Blairite! These comrades can't even unite amongst themselves. The grassroots Momentum organisation has split and in-fighting continues. When you see Jon Lansman labelled as a Zionist, you just know the inmates have taken over the asylum.

Corbyn himself has been in the news, amusingly starting his speech with his back to the crowd and then dangerously announcing he'd never "push the button". Better have that white flag handy Steptoe old man along with translations of "we surrender" in Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Russian plus Farsi for good measure.

Of course the fool can't be trusted over our security. This in a week when our police and security services stop both a terrorist attack and another plot. Yet his idiot supporters want to abolish MI5 and disarm the police. Let alone get rid of our armed forces.

However a lot can happen between now and the general election it's going to go on and on and on.....

And before then there's the local elections, which have taken a back seat in the news and for the bulk of people like me where these are not taking place. Supposedly the results will give some indication of the way the general election is going. Maybe.

Unless the whole population decides to bugger the bookies and vote in Corbyn there will be a Conservative government after the election. It's just the size of the majority that remains in question.

Meanwhile the comrades have succeeded in doing what the establishment have always failed to to. Destroy the opposition and for that I will never forgive Corbyn's followers.

What happens to us all next will be down to you.

Join the Nutter in dunces corner.

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