Friday, 11 April 2014

Anarchists and the SWP

The saga of the ever isolated Socialist Workers Party came to the fore again this week as the comrades found themselves banned from having a stall at the Annual Conference of the National Union of Students. Not popular with student activists it would seem.

Undaunted the SWP promptly set up a stall outside the conference building to peddle their wares. Not a good idea it would seem as a bunch of local anarchists suddenly turned up. Liverpool Class Action takes up the story:

The SWP found out today that their rape-apologist bullshit has got no place in Liverpool. Their stall outside the NUS conference in Liverpool (it was outside because they’d already been refused entry to the conference) was turned over and their literature scattered to the wind. Let this be a lesson to them – we won’t accept their rape apologism here.

The anarchist "prose" then becomes somewhat obscene as they develop their "thoughts" on the matter at hand but to conclude they write:

It’s clear the SWP is in disarray. It is an organization in denial over the disgusting behaviour of its central committee and of its remaining membership in defence of a dying party. Our message to the rape apologist Socialist Workers Party is simple: stay out of Liverpool. You’re not wanted.

The SWP covered up rape, threw survivors under the bus and intimidate anyone who tries to confront them about it (anyone remember the Glasgow anti-bedroom tax rally?). UAF grasses militant antifascists to the police. We won’t tolerate an organization that is so misogynistic in nature and so repugnant in its political opportunism anymore. We’re drawing a line now. Try not to cross it.

This isn't the first time the SWP have had their materials "scattered to the wind" as a similar incident happened in Sussex last December. The blog The Crowd Fury

We arrived at Fulton Court (more commonly known as Library Square) as usual. One of the first things we noticed was the SWP had a stall selling their rag and there were dozens of placards nearby, ready to hand out to unsuspecting students when the march started. I considered leaving the demo again but then I thought it shouldn’t be me who’s excluded from these events, it should be the rape-enabling SWP.

I spotted a comrade who – thanks to Twitter – I knew was critical of the SWP. I approached him and told him I was uncomfortable about the SWP presence and asked if he’d like to help me get rid of them. He didn’t need much persuading! We walked around and talked to a few other comrades about our plan. As soon as there were a few of us, we marched over to the SWP stall. I poured water over their filthy papers to make them unsellable, then my comrade tipped over their table. We then grabbed the placards and destroyed them.

Over at Andrew Coates blog these types are described as the "Autonomist Police", an ironic description for a bunch of anti-authority anarchists. But then these idiots are really no better than the SWP themselves. Puerile, shouty authoritarian and self righteous to core. Don't they all realise that you simply cannot behave like this in a civilised society?

Free speech and the right to assembly are crucial to the survival of democracy. The SWP are a bunch of tossers, I have no doubt about that and should be ashamed of themselves for their actions over the "comrade delta" case. 

But then having witnessed the anarchist wreckers at work on a TUC demonstration organised to defend our pensions, I have to say they are equally dangerous. The destructive rampage that followed dismayed some of my union members that I had taken to their first ever demo. I doubt they will attend another one.

Violence inside the Labour and Trade Union movement is and should always remain unacceptable. That's why revolutionaries are a dangerous distraction. Their actions based on what they see as their superior "revolutionary morality" leads them to think they can act both outside and above the law unlike the rest of us.

Hence the road to communism will always be littered with bodies as the comrades turn on each other to gain the power to put the rest of their opponents against the wall. 

Get over yourselves comrades.

Hat-tip: David T

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