Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Unite Executive elections: Vote Unite Now!

The  ballot paper for the Unite Executive Committee elections were sent out on March 24th and should be arriving with members shortly. Like many unions the leadership of Unite includes members of organisations such as the far-left cult, the Socialist Party (Militant for older readers).

These divisive individuals and their fellow travellers are determined to undermine the only party that can beat the Tory led Coalition Government and write in  The Socialist today:

Socialist Party members have explained the character of New Labour, as a pro-big business party, and demanded that not a penny more should be given to this party. But we also recognise the potential political power of trade unions in Britain.

That's why we call for the unions to break with Labour and set up a new mass workers' party. That task will be on the agenda for the next EC and the union's Rules Revision Conference next year.

Such actions prove these trotskyists are the Tories best friends in the Labour and Trade Union movement.

There is an alternative for Unite members.

The next term of the Executive Council will not be an easy one and many big decisions will have to be made as we continue to be attacked by this Coalition Government. This is why it is important to have a strong principled EC with the experience & desire to make those decisions, the correct ones for both the membership and the union's future. 

It is imperative that we put in place an effective Executive Council with the diversity, integrity, and the will to ensure that Unite is run on a financially sound footing, putting our members' subscriptions to best use for the members in the workplace. 

UniteNOW are a group of Trade Union activists that stick to their principles in representing & serving the best interests of the membership. We want the new Executive Council to be made up of people who fulfill their roles effectively in truly representing the interests of the membership in their Sectors & Regions. Voting for what is right for the membership & not what is right for themselves. 

Current UniteNOW Executive Council delegates have a record of holding the General Secretary and Executive Officers to account. UniteNOW has previously opposed a number of decisions that were not in the best financial interests of our membership. 

We have also successfully put forward proposals that have become policy. We have no problem in supporting the leadership when we genuinely believe their proposals are in the best interests of the union and its members and we have done this also on many occasions. 

If you wish to have an Executive Council that truly takes decisions on behalf of their members and not for themselves or fear of upsetting the leadership, then support UniteNOW candidates or UniteNOW supported candidates - we aim for a truly democratic union that is led by a lay Executive that governs for our members and 'our' union! 

Go to: for further information including details of candidates in your area.

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  1. There are some good people who have agreed to go on the Unite Now list, and the United Left is supporting some of them. In general, though, the political basis of Unite Now is a mystery - they themselves claim to have no significant political differences with the UL . So, apart from promoting the prospects for Simon Dubbins as the next GS, what is the point of them?