Monday, 7 April 2014

PCS National elections, one candidates view

Guest post by Andy Magee

4themembers will stand a small number of candidates in this year’s NEC elections & will support a number of other independents. 4TM continues to be a network of independently minded trade unionists (from across the political mainstream) committed to returning PCS to being what it was set up to be; a Trade Union.

We need your vote to ensure that we can compete and offer an alternative to the current thinking of those currently running PCS. 4TM itself continues to evolve & win or lose these elections will return in whatever guise to continue to offer that alternative and work with members to achieve results & outcomes. This is real democracy at work & not a shadow of democracy offered elsewhere.

Others have led PCS for a number of years now. Membership is in decline as we fight a government determined to make our members pay for the mistakes of others. However there really hasn’t been much success obtained by those currently running PCS against government policies.

Pensions have went up the money is already out of your salary, money you will never get back into your pocket. Performance management changes have came in and every day I hear members complain but I see little or no policies from those you have entrusted to defend you to actually do so. Is that that what you expected from a democratic alliance? These are just one or two of the issues that members have mention to me. There are many others were members feel let down by those in charge.

What about mergers or take over’s by other unions? In my NEC statement I have stated that any merger with UNITE must be governed by the membership. That means no undue influence should be exerted and that members per the PCS rules should be allowed to make the decision. I personally do not favour merger but firmly believe that PCS members should decide their own destiny in an open and democratic manner. However is that everyone’s agenda?

4TM candidates are on the side of you the ordinary member. Each of us works in an office like you, dealing with the issues that you face daily. We want to make PCS more relevant to you by bringing it back to what it should be a union. A union that has you its members at its heart. A union that can rise from the ashes to form a truly democratic organisation prepared to negotiate & fight to improve and protect your jobs, pay, terms & conditions and live within its means.

If this appeals to you & you want a union that listens and reacts then vote 4themembers candidates & independents. Look at what PCS has achieved for you over for instance the last 5 years can you really say your satisfied?

Don’t listen to the myths or the old rhetoric 4TM is a network of independently minded trade unionists (from across the political mainstream) wanting to work for you.

Andy Magee is a member of the PCS National Executive Committee and writes in a personal capacity.

Please note: A full list of recommended candidates will be published at Howie's Corner when the ballot papers are issued.

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