Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Socialist Party bluster hides unions collapse

The latest issue of the Socialist Party's tedious rag has just gone on-line with a rant by PCS Vice President John McInally (in a "personal capacity" of course) hilariously stating:

At stake is the leadership of one of Britain's most important unions.

Really? Just who might their opponents be?

The current NEC will be challenged by right-wing candidates of the old discredited 'Moderate' grouping rebranded as '4themembers'.

Except there will just 6 or is it 7 candidates standing from the grouping that claims to be 4TM. The organisation has closed down truth be told, though a handful of stalwarts are trying to keep the flag flying. Truth is even if all of them got elected (which is unlikely) the so-called Democratic Alliance would have an overwhelming majority.

In fact there will be more candidates standing from the even more left wing group, the Independent Left who are running a joint slate with some people called the Independent Socialists (no idea either since you ask, but they're all in the Ministry of Justice).

McInally tells us

... the left-led PCS is recognised as one of the most consistent and outspoken critics of the government's austerity programme and a leading organiser of opposition and action against government attacks.

Not sure by whom, but he continues:

Under the leadership of the Democracy Alliance - an alliance between Left Unity, in which Socialist Party members have played a key role, and the PCS Democrats - PCS has been transformed into a fighting, campaigning and democratic union.

According to figures given to members of the National Executive Committee the actual membership of PCS has declined to 243,746 (as of March 14th) and despite the threat to the "check off" system from Francis Maude, a mere 12,456 have signed up to pay subscriptions by Direct Debit. Not a healthy state of affairs at all.

As for losing members readers of this blog will recall that an entire section of the union SOCA, departed en-mass last May, yet only now has the PCS leadership seen fit to produce a paper on the loss of so many members. When asked what was going to be done to win members back the reply from the Grandees was simply "through the national campaign". Quite pathetic really.

In other words nothing. Why would these people return to a union that not only treated them with contempt but have quite happily created a new and quite viable union in their own department.

Not forgetting of course that PCS may no longer exist early next year if the Socialist Party hacks get their way.

Oh and the NEC is going to approach other unions for a pay fight. That would be local government and health unions, but strikes over pay (& other issues) have not attracted the levels of support they need to succeed as members have little faith in the propaganda that the likes of McInally & Serwotka try to feed them.

Members want a decent pay rise but are far from convinced they will get one through strike action at the moment.

The outcome of the PCS elections and most of the major conference decisions is certain, only a blip on the question of a merger can be expected. It depends on how many members of the Democratic Alliance decide to grow a pair and defy the Serwotka/Socialist Party leadership. Usually these lefties are quite compliant in following their leaders demands.

And that's why the union is in such a bloody mess.


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