Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Voting recommendations for the last (?) PCS elections

The ballot papers for what might be the very last elections for the main civil service union PCS arrived this morning and will be landing on members desks or or doormats over the next few days.

The accompanying booklet is the thinnest we have seen for years as so many activists have seemingly given up on the internal electoral process. The outcome of the elections is seemingly decided already as the ruling group in PCS, the laughably named "Democracy Alliance" are the only ones contesting every available seat.

The second largest group are the rather "shouty" types of Trotskyists in the Independent Left. The main opposition group 4themembers doesn't really exist any more, though a couple of candidates are using that name.

So who should PCS members vote for?

Firstly it needs to be remembered that getting on 90% of members don't normally vote so advocating any kind of "boycott" would be pointless.

Next members should remember who are the people who got us into this mess. 

That would be Mark Serwotka and his mates in the Democracy Alliance. Led by the Socialist Party (proprietors Janice Godrich, President and "fixer" John McInally).

After years of using the union for their own barmy political purposes along with their friends in the SWP the union is no longer viable as an independent entity it would seem.

Hence the unsavoury rush to get Unite to take us over and bail out the mess the Democracy Alliance have made.

The time has come to save the union and then work for real change.

I recommend the following candidates whom I either know or have judged on the basis of their election addresses that they offer members some independent thinking:

Vice President: 


NEC Members:

Owen DODD (Home Office)
Stephen GAINSFORD (Met Police)
Gurmit KANG (DWP)
Willie SAMUEL (Commercial Sector)

Please vote for these candidates ONLY.

After the elections PCS members and activists will have to consider the future not just of the union, but also returning an Independent union back to the political mainstream and ditch the far left wreckers of the Democracy Alliance for good.

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