Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Musical interlude with Sandie Shaw

I thought it was time for a quick break from politics tonight as I'm both busy and rather tired so thought lets play some music to kick off the month of April!

The following two performances are by pop legend Sandie Shaw, who I managed to see once (at ULU if I remember correctly) playing amongst other songs the following version of a Smiths hit Hand in Glove.  

I still have a twelve inch copy of this song which was released in April 1984 but only reached number 27 in the UK charts. Should have been number one in my opinion.

The second number is the rather wonderful Mr Dupont released in 1969 which reached number 6 in the UK charts. Sandie Shaw was one of the few singers who was really comfortable singing in other languages and as this video shows was especially proficient in French.

Coatsey this is dedicated to you mate for keeping me informed of political affairs in France!

You can find her official website at: http://www.sandieshaw.com/home-2

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