Thursday, 2 October 2014

A Thursday Miscellany

There's quite a lot of this going on at the moment which requires my attention so I'm a bit short of time tonight. So here's a few items that caught my attention today:

Counterfire Split: The breakaway from the Socialist Workers Party led by Lyndsey German and John Rees has it self had a breakaway. The group which is believed to have between 50 and 100 members, mainly in London has just lost 17 of them in a dispute over "internal" matters.

One wonders if the orientation towards Stalinism by the Rees/German leadership has had anything to do with it? The only "name" amongst the latest group of splitters in the amoebic world of Trotskyism is Neil Faulkner who is an archaeologist apparently.

The group had at one time set up the Firefox Cafe in Kings Cross to enable comrades to chat revolution over a cappuccino or two. However that went "base over apex" last year causing the group some considerable financial losses.

Now we await the creation of yet another trotskyist groupscule.

Why do they bother..

Photo: In US - Marvel: A shimmer of Silver Age material, mostly in very affordable mid-grade, graces our stock this week: Amazing Adult Fantasy, Avengers, Daredevil, Fantastic Four (from #28's crossover with the X-Men), Journey Into Mystery #68 (starring Spragg - a Big-Panty-Monster too big for Big Panties!), Spider-Man from #53 upwards, a squirt of Sub-Mariner and X-Men from #9 (the very first Avengers/X-Men clash!)

Moving away from politics, there's new posts over at Howie's World of Comics which may be of interest including Spragg! The Conqueror of the Human Race, Booster Gold, Superman and The House of Secrets amongst others.

Finally I was sad to hear of the unexpected death of Lynsey De Paul today who was someone I remember well from the seventies and (along with Mike Moran) managed to come second in the 1977 Eurovision song contest.

Here's that song to play us out tonight.

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