Sunday, 26 October 2014

Time for Muslims to say no to Jihad!

The news that a "fourth Portsmouth man" had been killed whilst fighting for ISIS caught my attention of the front page of The Sunday Times this morning. According to his family he had been "desperate" to come home. Why because he had become disillusioned by the "violent Jihadist life" he had become involved in.

Poor soul? Not in my book.

This wasn't some poor oppressed badly educated man. This 20 year old had been educated in a private school and had all the privileges afforded to him of a democratic society.

He and his idiot mates (there were six of them all told it would seem) went to fight for Jihad of their own free will.

Jihad is violent. Jihad is war. Jihad means killing people.

Muhammad Hassan and his mates knew this.

And the ISIS organisation they joined is one of the worst examples of what savagery mankind has to offer, especially when combined with this so-called "religion of peace".

And just where did this fanatic fall?


A city facing the onslaught and slaughter of the barbarian ISIS hordes. A city under siege and still waiting for the world to intervene to finally end the threat.

The time has come for the world of Islam to face the truth that their religion is not just being abused by extremists but that their religion is flawed to the core.
  • An Islamic government in Iran murders a woman for killing the man who raped her.
  • Another Islamic court in Pakistan has passed a death sentence on yet another Christian accused of blasphemy.
  • Now Islamists threaten the integrity of Egypt with their mass murder of soldiers in the Sianai desert.
  • In Canada Islamists murder at random.
No doubt some oddball anti-imperialist will call me an Islamophobe but my aim is to appeal to the ordinary Muslims of this world.

Worship how you please but the time has come for the reform of Islam. An Itjihad. I'd prefer you all to realise that there is no god, but one step at a time.

Learn tolerance.

And learn it quickly.

This violence must end. Now!

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