Wednesday, 8 October 2014

"Peoples" Question Time? My a*se!

This afternoon the PCS union sent out an e-mail inviting it's members to attend what was described as a "Peoples Question Time" in East London tomorrow night. This event appears to have been organised by the far-left  Counterfire organisation or what little is left of it after one of those inexplicable splits that take place in the trotskyist milieu took place recently.

The workers are invited to listen to a panel of the self appointed vanguard plus a comedian neither I, nor anyone else around me at work had heard of.

The panel consists of Russell Brand, millionaire dandy who can afford to tell us it's not worth voting for anyone because he is rich enough to escape the consequences, Mark Serwotka, the useless General Secretary of the failing PCS union, Ava Vidal (?) a comedian apparently, John Rees Deputy Fuhrer of the pro Assad, Pro Putin, Stop the War Campaign and a Green Party member.

Oh and Lutfur Rahman the egotistical pro-Islamist Mayor of Tower Hamlets will be there to make a comment.

They are inviting people to send in questions.

Here's one for John Rees:

Why won't you help the Kurds against ISIS, especially in Kobane where there is likely to be a genocide if we just stand by!!

 For Lutfur Rahman:

Why do you feel the need to waste taxpayers money having your face pasted all over the place even on dustcarts?

And for Sir Mark Vodka:

Why has the PCS now had two breakaways in a year? And why can't we discuss this like adults inside the union.

As for Russell Brand? That might simply be about something simple like the use of "soap" and "water" in a reference to washing.....

Only one problem.

There's no tickets left, oh well I can watch the histrionics on-line if I want.

Peoples question time?

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