Saturday, 4 October 2014

Time to end the Stop the War Appeasement Campaign

The barbaric murder of Alan Henning, a man who only went to the Middle East with the intention of helping people suffering from the effects of war once again focuses our minds on how truly evil these ISIS criminals really are. This comes after we have seen scenes of genocide against Christians, Kurds and others including any Muslim that doesn't share their barbarism across our TV screens, in the press and on-line.

And yet there remain those who refuse to act, led by the most ill-named organisation the far-left and its Islamist allies, the Stop the War Coalition. Whatever it was formed to do over a decade ago, the StWC has been an unsavoury cheerleader for Hamas, the Assad regime, Putin's invasion of the Ukraine and now wants to stand aside and let ISIS exterminate huge numbers of ordinary men, women and children.

All in the name of armchair "anti-imperialism".

And bizarre conspiracy theorists if this supporter is to be believed from their Face Book page:

Its all fake and staged!! We dont kno who isis are? Some isis have anerican and u.k tatoos on them! Basically u.k and u.s are goin to destroy syria to remove tha ASSAD REGIME just to please israel.. Isis is a smoke screen nothing else.

The mind boggles at this ridiculous but actually widely believed theory.

At the same time the Kurds have been staging a hunger strike in Central London for a week and have been calling for our support in the form of heavy weapons to defend Kobane, where another tragedy is unfolding.

The Guardian reports:

Kurds near Downing Street demand heavy weapons and antitank missiles from the UK government for fight against Isis.

Members of the Kurdish diaspora have been staging protests and hunger strikes around the world in support of calls by Kurdish leaders in Syria for weapons to help their forces fighting Islamic State (Isis) in the besieged border town of Kobani, where they fear a massacre if support does not arrive soon.

While Kurds have taken to the streets of European cities, those in Britain have initiated a hunger strike close to the gates of Downing Street as part of a campaign calling for the UK to provide Kurdish forces with advanced weapons......

Those taking part in the London protest include sympathisers of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which is listed as a terrorist organisation in many western states including the UK and has close links to the Kurdish Democratic Union party (PYD), a group representing Kurds in Syria. It says that its calls for arms have been rebuffed by the United States and European nations and blames Turkey for obstructing his efforts.

What do the comrades have to say? Keith Ovenden, one of George Galloway's Lieutenants writes on the StWC website:

The only interest that Washington, London, Ankara and Israel have in the Kurds’ suffering in IS-areas is in a mountain of corpses with which to hide their own murderous policies in the region. Every time one of these global or regional powers have advanced in the area it has been at the expense of the Kurds.


The StWC and their supporters should be ashamed of themselves. They simply want us to stand aside whilst a genocide takes place.

The far-left itself has a murderous tradition when in power, so it's unsurprising that since they have decided that Islamism will help them bring down capitalism that they excuse or ignore atrocities committed by these criminals and others.

There are many trade unions who finance this group through affiliations. Members in PCS, Unite and others should demand disaffiliation now!

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