Thursday, 30 October 2014

Internal exhortations to nowhere in the SWP

The Socialist Workers Party has just issued the second of it's Pre-Conference Internal bulletins which "should not be circulated to non-SWP members or outside the party" (you know the drill by now). The Professor and his "Lynch Mob" still do not understand the power of the Internet.

Or reality... 

The SWP claim their membership is some 5,678 (down from 7,180 last year) which surely no one, even the most ardent party loyalist can believe?

Good job Callincos doesn't teach maths.

The row about the Disciplinary Committee proceedings still continues to rear it's ugly head.  Frankly "comrades" you are never going to be allowed to forget the delta affair no matter how much you stick your heads in the sand.

"Andy W" a "National Member" writes:

Given the dreadful outcome of Dispute Committee’s cases from last year (in terms of loss of membership and soiling of the SWP’s reputation), a sensible course would have been to ‘bend the stick’ and ensure that any disciplinary cases were treated with the utmost care.

Not quite sure why anyone would need to bend a stick of any sort whatever that is supposed to mean.

Bit late to make sure disciplinary cases were treated with "care". The party has no reputation other than being considered a self perpetuating shower of (add your own expletive here) that no one wants to have anything to do with anymore.

As for all the stuff about working in the universities I'm not sure there will be anyone to listen.

Student activists are all about "safe spaces" at the moment and as for having a bunch of shouty (alleged) "rape apologists" in their midst's, no number of libel threats is going to force Socialist Worker down the throats of the student movement for want of a better phrase.

Still for those of you interested in such sectariana here is a link to the second bulletin:

Can't wait for IB number 3 ..........

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