Sunday, 12 October 2014

PCS activists lose the plot

For some time now October 14th and the week around it has been pushed for to allow the public sector unions to have a mass strike over pay. One union in particular, PCS has decided to throw in with the rest even though there will be no pay negotiations in the civil service until next year.

The PCS NEC held off making its' announcement until as close  at it could, even changing the planned day to October 15th and "spreading out" its action to disrupt the employer as much as it could. In making it's preparations the far-left leadership ignored any not only any other possible developments but also the simple fact it didn't motivate enough of the membership last time.

Last week the rumours about Unison came true as Local Government workers were made a new offer that did indeed fore not only them, but Unite and the GMB to pull out of the strikes to consult their members on the new offer.

If that wasn't enough, the militant RMT union also pulled its strike as they had made "substantial progress" in their negotiations.

Only workers in the NHS, PCS and the UCU are now planning action.

Given that the PCS strike was in fact no more than a protest strike which was never going to force the employer back to the table you'd think PCS would reconsider it's position. However like Thatcher the comrades are not only "not for turning" but visibly detached from reality as the reaction from the activist class became public.

The withdrawal of the RMT, being the first was commented on by one Independent Left activist as "wishing it wasn't happening". Why?

The whole purpose of trade unionism is to represent the members and their interest. Members do not want to go on strike if they can make gains through further negotiations and that seems to be what is happening.  

This "comrade was far from alone as another PCS activist absurdly called the Unison leaders "capitalist pimps"and "political cowards". Ridiculous and frankly the kind of childish nonsense one has come to expect from the activists that dominate the PCS.

If Unison (and Unite) have received a new offer than they have to consult their members. That's not only common sense, its also called democracy. Unison members are low paid and can ill afford to lose money and like the RMT are perfectly entitled to consider a new offer before embarking on strike action.

Its called Trade Unionism comrades of the PCS, something that our union abandoned in favour of political activism years ago.

And is responsible for the situation that members find themselves in.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

A useless far-left union and a Government for whom such lunacy is a godsend as it allowed them to gain the upper had by being able to rely on the likes of Serwotka and company constantly shooting themselves in the foot with ill though out policies and political alliances.

It's not as if the membership are engaged with PCS much these days. Participation in internal elections is at an all time low. Turnout in strikes is far, far less than the leadership try to pretend. In the DWP, the largest department and the lefts stronghold the turnout was an average of just 32%.

Over the last year as people either turn their backs or just give up on PCS, two breakaway unions have either established themselves (National Crime Officers Association) or are in the process of doing so (Revenue & Customs Trade Union). A few have departed for for Prospect, others given up on unions all together

This is the cost of years of far-left buffoonery in the largest of the civil service unions. 

The leadership attempt to align PCS with every tin-pot political outfit on the far-left such as the minute Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition who get next to no support in the real world or throw our weight behind dictatorships in Cuba or Venezuela. The list is endless. 

Time and members subscriptions wasted on a non-trade union agenda by the political caste in the union who brook no opposition.

Those who speak out are shouted down, sidelined and excluded.

So much for a "members led union".

PCS is an activists led union who are only interested in telling the members what they should do and ignore reality whenever it rears it suits them.

The pointless strike next week will be yet another nail in the coffin of PCS.

No wonder so many are now actively seeking an alternative.

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  1. I really do hope the PCS current NEC call off this stike for Wednesday. Granted there are a few (very few) other public sector unions coming out but it's not enough to win. If Unison and the GMB and Unite and UCU with the NUT and the NASWUT (well you get the idea) came out together then maybe we could win a lot more concessions. However this close to Xmas paydate the money will come out from the strikers will hit us the poor members. I think with the ammount of strike action we have taken in the Civil Service we more than likely lost our 1% pay rise already.

    NEC please call off the Action. I am an active rep and a low paid member with income earner for my family.

    I do worry this will push people into the RCTU new Trade Union for Revenue and Customs Staff if this foolhardy action now goes ahead without the support of the other unions.