Tuesday, 7 October 2014

"Exiting news" for SWP members

Believe it or not it's time for another Socialist Workers Party conference and the first of their internal members bulletins has already been leaked on-line, so what are the remaining comrades up to one asks?

According to Bridget (Stirchley & Kingsheath):

In January our district received an email with the subject “Birmingham: Some good news!” I opened it during a boring work meeting, excited to find out what it was about and discovered that we had been chosen as a Socialist Worker sales improvement area!

Gosh what an honour, except given their recent crisis (plural) one would have thought every area was needed to be designated a "Socialist Worker sales improvement area. Undaunted our inveterate comrade writes:

The district, feeling lucky to be specially selected, took up the challenge and has put paper sales at the heart of everything we have done this year.

It's probably because you are one of the few areas left where the SWP consists of more than a couple of die hard pensioners and a dog frankly. Still don't let me curb your enthusiasm which is apparently boundless because they braved the bad weather, got a trolley and a new megaphone. And don't forget the A2 sized plastic wallets. Heaven forbid....

It seems the remaining comrades have descended to cultist levels to protect themselves from the real world where even other leftists, especially feminists are shunning the SWP or simply running them out of town, so to speak.

Frankly this rather thin tome is rather boring and reminiscent of the ones that used to appear before the comrade delta affair came to pass. There's not much in it, though "Andy", a "National Member" (which means there isn't a branch near him, poor soul) continues to bemoan the lack of democracy and accountability inside the party.

"Andy" reminds comrades that "at the moment the Central Committee is accountable to no one but itself". Not really new is it comrade. Been like that for years, something to do with "democratic centralism" I am led to understand.

Or is it because the SWP is a cult? 

There's a few..... but "Andy" continues:

Basically the central committee can do they want, including having total control of conference (changing the dates, basis of delegation and who can be delegated) - then ignoring it's decisions..

Which includes suspending recruitment figures from being published over the last eighteen months, which might not be surprising given the heavy loss of membership over that period. The comrade then resorts to talking about "bending the stick" (a Tony Cliff phrase if I recall correctly) in order to rebuild the party's reputation.

Stop laughing at the back.

Members of the Socialist Workers Party are deranged if they think that is ever going to happen after all that came out during their very public fallout. 

And as for democracy?

Guess what the Central Committee hacks have nominated themselves for re-election again, less Esme C who isn't standing for some such reason or another. No sign of an alternative slate (the SWP leadership is elected by "slate" rather than on an individual basis. reason? Go figure me neither.)

Everything in the "party" is appointed from thereon apparently, so if you are a member, lump it or leave.

Those who remain in the SWP represent the worst of the Marxist "hive mind" that Leninism produces.

Be thankful they will never gain power.

Just look at North Korea.

And weep.

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