Thursday, 29 January 2015

A new beginning in Prospect

Prospect: Union for professionals
As the cycles of change become ever shorter and the demands placed on organisations increase trade unions cannot be expected to be isolated from these developments.

Our challenge lies in preserving our core values, while responding to what members and potential members want from a union in the now rather than the past.

Unions remain a key pillar of civic society, embodying enduring values of collective voice, mutual support and a commitment to fairness and diversity.

Mike Clancy, Prospect General Secretary  

Refreshing words from a forward looking trade unionist, rather than than the outdated nonsense I used to hear from my previous union.

I feel at home already.

My membership pack for Prospect arrived today with all the information I need to start out as a new member. It'll take me a while to plough through it all but all the services a worker needs are there from support over personal cases to a 24 hour legal help line.

Prospect has over 117,000 members with some 34,000 in the civil service which I am sure will grow as people look for change.

It is indeed our needs in the here and now to establish a fair future that I seek as a trade union member.

So much that goes on inside the trade unions is indeed old fashioned and a turn to modernity an essential requirement if the unions are to adapt and survive in the twenty-first century.

The ideologies of old are past their sell by date.

I f you are looking for a rational, well organised and led trade union in the civil service I recommend you join up.

Please go to the Prospect website today.

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  1. I wholeheartedly recommend Prospect for those ex PCS members, battered and bruised and disillusioned by the last few years shenanigans. There is sanctuary after PCS.