Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Petition: W H Smiths No to Censorship, Sell Charlie Hebdoe!

W H Smith: No to censorship - Sell Charlie Hebdo

The Evening Standard reports tonight that a lone Frenchman (and Muslim) running a coffee shop has received death threats for simply putting "Je Suis Charlie" on his sign outside. He won't back down.

Everyone in that part of London should pop in and purchase a cappuccino or two to show solidarity! 

Meanwhile W H Smiths, one of the biggest newsagents in the UK shows total cowardice by refusing to stock Charlie Hebdoe.

A petition has just been launched:

W H Smith, Britain's leading seller of newspapers and magazines, will not sell Charlie Hebdo in the wake of last week's murders. We believe that appeasement is not the answer to Kalashnikov-toting killers. W H Smith must allow its readers to decide what they want to read and not cave in to terrorist threats.

Je Suis Charlie!

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