Friday, 23 January 2015

The Green Party: From Bacon Sarnies to 'elf n'safety

The Green Party has been in the news recently as the arguments erupted about whether they should be included in televised debates during the general election. According to the latest polls they are seemingly "surging" ahead in the polls with 11%, overtaking the Liberal Democrats who are down to just 9%.

Of course this unlikely to translate into many seats, if any due to the "first past the post" electoral system. They do have one sitting Member of Parliament though, Caroline Lucas in the Brighton Pavilion constituency.  However indications are that her seat is at serious risk.

Brighton and Hove also happens to be the only Green Party controlled Council in the country and things have not been going well all!

Brighton Greens have not been doing well in their running of the local authority having attracted the ire of trade unions not just with their cuts policies but also ridiculous ideologically motivated proposals such as attempting to ban rubbish collectors from eating bacon sarnies at the end of their shift on a Friday as part of "meat free day". That particular absurdity was abandoned.

You may also recall the council banned the annual Christmas day swim on the beach due to "health & safety" concerns despite there being no recorded injuries in all the years it had taken place. Locals rightfully ignored such nonsense.

The local party has been engaged in so much infighting that the Greens actually hired a counsellor to try and end it. Like that worked! 

They are divided into two factions with nonsensical names, Mangos and Watermelons.

Yeah I know you couldn't make it up. 

They are led locally by a Mr Kitcat (no relation to the chocolate bar beloved by millions) who has been deep in recycled matter over a deal with unions to avoid £700 million legal bill .

Kitcat even had to face an irate Ms Lucas on the picket line.

Deary me.

Even worse is their record on recycling, surely a central plank of environmentalism! Yet Brighton Council has managed to reduce recycling from 40% to just 26% plummeting to 305 in the league table.

Embarrassing or not?

The problem with the Greens is frankly the attempt to push ideological dogma before considering basic reality. 

Of course there is disillusionment about the mainstream political parties, the Lib Dems in particular suffering as a result of their behaviour in the current coalition government. UKIP has been one beneficiary of this trend, but they remain buffoons when examined whilst the Greens might be seen as more coherent.

The truth about the Greens needs exposing. They behave no differently to the many Trotskyist type sects that have plagued the unions for years.

They have proved no alternative at all.

Best avoided methinks...

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