Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Socialist Party attack Unison

The latest issue of the rather vapid newspaper of the Socialist Party finally tackles the current crisis that they have caused inside the largest of the civil service unions. Oddly the article is not written by one of the many Socialist Party Grandees, but Rob Williams the Socialist Party's Industrial Organiser.

Utilising the usual spin Williams writes:

Faced with a temporary but very sharp drop in income as a result of check-off ending, the PCS NEC has had to make difficult decisions to cut expenditure, including suspending for one year the union's annual elections. Some on the left have condemned this decision, clearly not understanding the urgent need for the PCS to take the necessary measures to safeguard its future in the face of this vicious attack, in order to retain its fighting strength for the next round of the struggle.

The financial crisis in the PCS union clearly pre-dates the end of check off as members discovered when the failed takeover by Unite takes place. The loss of the unions largest asset, the building in Falcon Road and the suspension of internal elections are the result of years of control by this organisation. Williams even boasts of 13 years of control by the comrades. So no 0one else can be blamed other themselves.

Hardly a surprising outlook given the Socialist Party (Militant Tendency) also damaged to bankrupt Liverpool council and deny their responsibility for that, so this latest spin doctoring is no surprise.

However it is the Socialist Party's attack on Unison being given negotiating rights that is really disturbing and probably explains why the likes of Chris Baugh (AGS) and Janice Goodrich (President) backed off from writing this piece.

Can't have leading trade unionists condemning rights being given to other unions can we?

So they leave it to SP full timer Williams to rant:

Worryingly, Unison has been granted negotiating rights in the civil service in a move that raises the spectre of another new front against PCS, something that the left in Unison should question and oppose. In a very welcome development, some Unison branches have sent messages of support and solidarity to PCS.

The reason the Socialist Party led PCS doesn't like Unison is that it is worried that a more mainstream union would attract large numbers of disaffected PCS members. After all that would interfere with the comrades political plans which is to "Marshall it's troops" as if PCS members were (or are) just canon fodder for their lost causes.

After all fighting the good socialist fight has really advanced members interest with mass support from the rank and file. Not.

There are other choices for PCS members anyway. Prospect, the R&C Trade Union for most and the FDA for higher grades. 

No matter how much Williams proclaims the comrades have turned PCS into a fighting union, a reality check says different.

A grip on reality never has been the comrades strong point.


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