Sunday, 11 January 2015

The far left betrays Charlie Hebdo and Free Speech

Whilst the majority of the free world unequivocally condemns the murderous rampage in Paris this week, the British left shames itself with mealy mouthed statements and platitudes.

The Socialist Workers Party tells us:

Racists and right wingers are trying to use Wednesday's horrific killings in Paris to divide working people, justify imperialist intervention and whip up Islamophobia....

The media present Charlie Hebdo as simply a "satirical magazine". But it is not the French equivalent of Private Eye as some commentators have suggested. It may have been once, but it has become a specialist in presenting provocative and racist attacks on Islam. That does not justify the killings, but it is essential background.

Nor should we forget that year after year imperialism has launched wars, assassinations, drone attacks and torture across the Middle East and elsewhere. Such outrages create deep hatred.

Really comrades?

This attack has nothing to do with "imperialism". It is an attack on free speech. Private Eye may be a slightly different type of (public schoolboy) publication, but the so called "internationalists" of the SWP forget that Cahrlie Hebdo has been equally scathing of Christianity and Judaism. Not to mention their cruel depictions of politicians. 

It's called satire. In other words "taking the piss" not that a bunch of self righteous Trots would have a sense of humour. 

Most of the left come up with the same old nonsense. "Imperialisms to blame".

No it isn't. 

These Islamists need no excuse. They just hate.

Just look at how Islamists behave in Muslim countries and how minorities have been treated. 

Slavery, rape and mass murder in the name of their twisted faith.

Even worse than the SWP is the debate currently taking place on the Socialist Unity website. Some of the comments are frankly unbelievable. Still it's free speech init "comrades". For you, but not for those of us who would beg to differ.

If what some of these people consider is a "socialist" outlook then "socialism" is both politically and morally bankrupt.

John Smith summarises the stand of the "left" thus:

But the reason why many on the left are now concerned with attacking Charlie Hebdo is, in the vast majority of cases, not because they have been consistently concerned with the plight of French Muslims, but because several members of Charlie Hedbo’s editorial team have been murdered in cold blood, their bodies barely cold. The fact that this situation is a trigger for an emphasis on attacking the victims of the atrocity would, in a healthier political culture, be regarded as utterly perverse, even chilling. Instead, we are witnessing a desperately confused attempt to ward off a racist backlash not by opposing state violence or fascists, but by attacking the dead cartoonists as racists.

Let us not forget by the way Islam is not a race. Never has been.

Like communism it is made up authoritarian nonsense.

And woe betide anyone who dares to stand up to them.

No wonder the left and the Islamists manage to find common ground.

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