Thursday, 15 January 2015

It's not cartoons that should offend it's murder, rape and injustice

The so-called pious members of the "religion of peace" (a misnomer by any stretch of the imagination) continue their faux outrage over a cartoon depicting some bloke who claimed to be the messenger of some imaginary friend.

Some Western publications containing the image have been banned in places like Egypt and a Kenyan newspaper The Daily Star has apologised for reprinting a small image as it "offended" it's Muslim readers.

Poor souls. So distressing.

So I thought to myself what offends me?

And guess what. This story comes along courtesy of The Freethinker. It appalled me.

The Nigerian father of a 13-year-old who was gang-raped in December last year has forgiven the attackers and agreed to allow one of them to marry her.

According this report, four men men were arrested in Kano province for the crime. Three confessed to raping their victim, who had been lured into a partially-completed building.

One of the rapists, Usiani Ja’afar then pleaded to be allow marry the girl.

The father, Malam Ya’u, a mechanic, said that he was at his garage working when officials came with the news that his daughter had been raped.

Ya’u said he wanted all of them to be tried and sent to jail for their crimes but changed his mind:

When all of them showed remorse, especially the one pleading to marry her, Ja’afar, I decided to temper justice with mercy.

Ya’u said that Ja’afar indicated his seriousness of marrying his daughter by carrying out the customary tradition of coming with his family to formally ask the hand of the girl in marriage.

He came with his uncle, who it turned out I already knew and had a cordial relationship with. So I accepted the request and will marry her off to him. In fact, the date for the wedding has been fixed since. I decided to allow him marry the girl because our consultations with our Malams (Islamic clerics) showed that there is nothing wrong about that.

He also revealed that his daughter had undergone medical tests and result showed that she is okay.

A Kano-based Islamic scholar, Sheikh Fadlu Dan Almajiri Fagge, said that the Islam religion allows for a rape victim to marry the man who raped her provided certain conditions are met.

One is that:

The girl has to observe Istibira’i, a month period to ensure absence of pregnancy.

Certain conditions? 

Women are treated with disdain by this so-called faith

The rapists (ALL of them) should be punished with incarceration, for a very long time.

This offends me.

And I cannot imagine the pain and misery that poor girl is going through.

Add to that the atrocities committed by Boko Harem (has the world forgotten the kidnapped girls so easily?), the mass rape and murder and enslavement committed by ISIS across Syria and Iraq, the treatment of Christians in Pakistan under their dreadfully oppressive balsphemy laws...

Frankly the list is endless, the Muslims of this world should find the injustice committed in their name offensive.

And bloody do something about it.

Cartoons shouldn't even register as a problem.

But that would involve Islam growing up.

Like that's ever going to happen.

"God" is not great from where I'm sitting. 

Not great or real at all.

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