Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The longest general election.....

No matter where I look in the press or on television the general election (still about a hundred days away) is already under way. One of the major areas being argued about is the televised general debates. Will Cameron take part. Should the Greens be included.

How much do people really care?

According to The Times (no link £) the "majority" of people think the debate should go ahead whether David Cameron takes part or not. Frankly it's more than likely the vast "majority" won't even watch the debates at all and will probably be watching a repeat of Downton Abbey or a film somewhere else on the vast number of channels that are available.

The fact is people are fed up.

The reason UKIP runs high in the polls is simply due to disaffected Tories wanting to give Cameron a kicking over Europe. The Greens are running high because disaffected lefty's want to give Milliband a kick up the backside.

Then there's the Nationalists.

The SNP will pick up seats, at Labours expense no doubt, Plaid Cymru not so much.

Then there's the Democratic Unionist Party.

They "want in" on the televised debate as well.

Next it'll be Sinn Fein the SDLP and god knows who else....

And what do the electorate want?

To get out of Europe? Immigration controls? An end to austerity?

People are "fed up" of cuts according to a You Gov poll in The Times today. Money should be spent on public services. Joining in "US led wars" is unpopular apparently, and there's a wish to to stand up against business.

All good and well.

With so many differing "wants" and "needs" being fought over by a myriad of competing parties over such a prolonged period of time makes this election unpredictable.

But how quickly will people be bored of all this?

Politicians do not impress much any more.

And yet there is a need for change.

Ed Milliband must step to the challenge.

This country cannot afford another Conservative government.

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