Monday, 6 April 2015

As ISIS massacres and kidnaps Palestinian refugees where are the protests?

For the past few days the media has been reporting that Palestinian refugees have come under attack from ISIS in Syria. For example the BBC writes:

Civilians have fled fighting in the Palestinian refugee camp Yarmouk in Damascus, officials say.

There have been heavy clashes there since Wednesday, after Islamic State (IS) gunmen attacked the district.

The UN said that nearly 100 people escaped on Sunday. A Palestinian official said that some 300 families had managed to flee on Saturday.

Up to 18,000 refugees are still trapped inside the camp as intense fighting continues around them.

Worse, ISIS are on a murderous rampage. The Independent reports today:

Isis has reportedly begun beheading captives after taking over the majority of a large Palestinian refugee camp in Syria.

UN officials said scenes on the ground in the Yarmouk camp just south of Damascus were “beyond inhumane”, as rebels from the so-called Islamic State and al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra vied for control of the camp, which houses around 18,000 civlians.

Yet another tragedy unfolds as the world fails to act against the new Nazi Islamists.

Plenty of time for a mobilisation of protests one would have thought. Stop the War managed to get one going within a day of three Muslims getting murdered by a maniac in the United States. But against ISIS?


I checked the websites of the anti-imperialist brigade, those people who demonstrate against the West or Israel at the drop of a hat because we're  the problem according to these jumped up popinjays. 

Guess what? Silence!

Not a word on the Stop the War Coalition Website or it's controlling body Counterfire. Unsurprising when John Rees one of their leaders joined Cage at a press conference where they declared Jihadi John a "beautiful man" when in fact he's a murdering bastard.

Lyndsey German his political collaborator was forced to write on her reactionary blog:

LET ME make it clear: I am totally opposed to ISIS, to terrorism, and I would oppose anyone going to fight for them in Syria.

So "comrade" where's the protest in Trafalgar square? You and your ilk continually berate Israel wilfully ignoring the crimes of Hamas against it's own people blaming all on "Zionism". Blaming all on the West.

Still your silence is in good company. 

Neither Socialist Worker or the oddball Socialist Unity website both self declared supporters of the Palestinian cause remain silent. Even the so-called Palestine Solidarity Campaign leaders can't drag themselves to the keyboard to condemn this.

Why, I ask in all seriousness?

If it was Israel attacking the camp you "anti-Zionists" would be rioting in the street.

Your silence is deafening.

Your hypocrisy exposed.

The "anti-imperialist" support for Palestinians false. They are just there to be used in your campaign against democracy and freedom.

After all most of you support Russian aggression in the Ukraine. Ignore the oppression in all Arab and Muslim countries and prefer to run a hate campaign against the Israel, refuse to arm and support the Kurds.

Until now the StWC has backed all aggressors. Assad, Putin, Hamas and the rest.

The fight back against this savage neo-Nazi Islamism should be a priority. ISIS just want to kill, to enslave and destroy.

The so-called anti-imperialist left has so obviously failed and should be consigned to the dustbin of history.

They are part of the problem.

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