Monday, 27 April 2015

The Left's Platform of Shame.

Here we go.

The pro-Islamist left has decided the conviction of Lutfur Rahman is a threat to them and won't take any notice of the verdict despite all the evidence because it doesn't suit the comrades political agendas.

And what a rotten band they are to.

The fraudster himself standing alongside:

  • Lyndsey German of the pro Hamas, pro Assad, pro Putin Stop the War Coalition
  • John Rees friend of Cage who think Jihadi John is a "beautiful man"
  • Andrew Murray a Communist who obviously knows all about democracy
  • John McLoughlin, Socialist Workers Party
  • Weyman Bennett, Socialist Workers Party
  • And someone called Christine Shawcroft who is apparently a member of the Labour Party National Executive. 

I'm really not sure what she's doing there and surely the Labour Party should be concerned about an NEC members supporting not just one of their opponents but also a man found guilty of electoral fraud.

Questions need to be asked about her presence.

As for the rest?

Political charlatans

Same old members of the "anti-imperialist brigade" who always end up supporting dictatorships.

The only threat to democracy in Tower Hamlets was Lutfur Rahman.

And the judge has issued a comprehensive verdict.


A platform of shame indeed.

They are the threat to democracy.

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