Friday, 3 April 2015

The General Election is still wide open

Last night's "highly anticipated" debate has not had the impact that the major party leaders had hoped as Labour and the Tories still jostle to gain a firm lead in the polls. One thing that has been confirmed by the event is that Britain no longer has a two party system even if there are only two potential Prime Ministers.

With the exception of Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, who frankly came over as desperate during the proceedings, the other minor parties consolidated themselves on the political scene. Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP certainly came over surprisingly well even if I like many others are seriously concerned about her party's absurd stance on unilateral nuclear disarmament.

From my sofa the two leaders who appeared to promote themselves well (despite their politics) were Leanne Wood of Plaid Cymru who impressed me greatly, though I am against the breakup of the UK with frankly "backward nationalism. Nigel Farage despite his rather ill conceived remarks over HIV sufferers did achieve what he set out to do. That was to appear different to the rest of the "political establishment" as he put it.

Frankly there are certain areas that do need serious discussion but rather in a more considered fashion that Farage expressed himself. His point about the original EU being a more equal (in terms of living standards) body was well made. Despite my support for long term European integration I do consider it has been rushed unnecessarily when some countries were and remain clearly unsuitable at this stage.

Farage pointed to the former communist countries. Indeed their living standards are lower and their economies less developed. So is Greece, now taken over by the far-left Syrzia in alliance with a quite unsavoury far-right party that makes UKIP seem positively liberal.

Some of what he said would have appealed to the opinionated pub goer that we all know. But immigration is a question that needs to be addressed in terms of numbers, not race. And despite Farage's stupid remark so does "health tourism". It does exist.

For me the missing element of debate was the future of democracy and free speech in this island country. It's under threat everywhere. Political correctness and self-censorship is dampening debate as bigots are allowed off the hook if they belong to the "religion of peace". Not all bigotry comes from the indigenous population.

I find much racism, misogyny and down right hate comes from within the Muslim community and it is not being dealt with properly because neither the establishment or even the traditional critics of the supposed left are willing to discuss the issues involved.

Meanwhile more British citizens become "radicalised" and head to Syria to join the new Nazi's of ISIS. Something is seriously wrong.

As for the general election itself there appears to be no clear outcome ahead. The SNP are heading to supplant Labour in Scotland and UKIP are probably on course to pick up seats, and not just from the Tories. There will be another coalition government.

I will be voting Labour but Ed Milliband needs to pull his finger out and show some passion. He's certainly intellectually capable but whether he can inspire voters is another question. Miliband certainly needs to sit on the far left MP's like John McDonnell, the poor mans Tony Benn and Jeremy Corbyn who could still damage the party with their deranged rantings.

Miliband also needs to look at some of the candidates the party is running. It's not just UKIP that has "dodgy" candidates. Some of the new intake like Andy Newman in Chippenham, editor of the "Stalinist" Socialist Unity website and Hugh Lanning in Canterbury Chair of the pro-Hamas Palestine Solidarity Campaign are unsuitable for a modernised Labour Party.

Labour needs to drag itself firmly into the twenty-first century. The old style socialists of the far-left and their fellow travellers need to be consigned to the dustbin of history.

One thing is certain. 

It will be worth staying up most of the night to watch the election results on the telly.

But remember if you want to save the NHS, have a fair welfare state and save trade unions then voting Labour is the best option. Anything else is a dangerous distraction.

Vote Labour 2015

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