Saturday, 11 April 2015

Fringe 2015: Galloway's double standards on nuclear weapons

George Galloway is the leader of the Respect Party which proclaims it stands for "Peace, Justice and Equality".  The Respect Party has a policy of scrapping Britain' nuclear deterrent. Their website proclaims:

Respect stands against the idea that it is acceptable to savagely cut public services whilst simultaneously renewing a gigantic but ultimately useless nuclear weapons project. Britain cannot afford to keep subsidising a £25 billion behemoth off our northern coast while our pensioners shiver their way through our inclement winters.

In keeping with our foreign policy that seeks to strike a more balanced foreign policy; we should stop seeking to violate the terms of the non-proliferation treaty and encourage other countries to do the same. There are not too few nuclear weapons in the world, but too many and there are many much more important ways to spend £25 billion.

The same logic does not seem to apply to Iran, a country with it's own economic problems and a complete lack of democracy.

In his own words the "gorgeous" one says this:

I have no idea why Lord Haw Haw comes to mind.

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