Sunday, 5 April 2015

Remembering persecuted Christians this Easter

Kenya: Another massacre aimed purely at Christians for being Christians.

Iraq & Syria: Christians driven from their ancient homelands, enslaved and murdered.

Why does the world not act?

This afternoon the Archbishop of Canterbury said

Christians should resist persecution without violence, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has said in his Easter Sunday sermon.

In his Canterbury Cathedral sermon, he spoke of the 148 victims of a Kenyan university attack last week and Coptic Christians killed in Libya in February.

Meanwhile the Pope calls for peace.

Trouble is the culprits are not listening, will not listen and will not stop in their desire to impose the new fascist Islamism on the rest of us.

The world must wake up.

There was never any possibility of appeasement with Hitler, there can be no appeasement with the New Nazi's of ISIS, Al-Shabab, Boko Harem or any of the other groups who are hell bent on murderous and savage destruction across not just the Middle East and Africa, but everywhere.

No Christians, no Jews or women, gays or people of any kind are safe from these murderers. 

Douglas Murray of the Gatestone Institute reminds us that:

Certain patterns can now be widely recognized in these early days of the worldwide war against the totalitarian demands of Islamic fundamentalism. Some, such as the bloodlust of our enemies, are easy to discern. But other patterns seem to be harder to recognize or admit because they are patterns for which we, rather than they, are responsible -- such as our motivations for tolerating, and even enabling, this behavior.

For instance, who can explain why the West is so reluctant to admit the motivation of the killers? Can anyone explain why the West gives fanciful excuses for what they are doing, despite their perfectly clear explanations for what they are doing? When the victims are Jews, we do not want them to be Jews -- just "random folks." When the victims are Christians, we do not want them to be Christians -- just "Egyptians.".....

Sadly, we are, essentially, kidding only ourselves. It is possible that our political leaders think they must not admit to the religious motivations and psychopathy of the jihadists, because otherwise it will cause some terrible backlash against Muslims as a whole. But this seems a great misjudgement. Not just because such a response is deeply unlikely in the developed world, but because many members of the public can today see perfectly plainly for themselves what is happening. People on the front-line, in Kenya, Libya, Egypt, South Sudan, Nigeria, Syria, Iraq and a whole host of other countries, where people are being killed because they are Christians, see it more clearly than anyone......

It is one of the greatest tragedies imaginable that two thousand years after the Passion they are commemorating this week, Christians are still being killed for their faith. The only thing that makes this tragedy even greater is that the world does not want to admit why these Christians are dying.

But the challenge must begin by seriously tackling those who breed such vile extremism in our midst and we must not be afraid to tackle the hatred so prevalent amongst a growing number of Muslims in the West.

Talk of "Islamophobia" is simply a deliberate distraction by the anti-imperialist brigade of the so-called left and large parts of the cowardly liberal establishment.

It's time to stand up to the Islamists and their appeasers.

They are a threat to us all.

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