Thursday, 23 April 2015

Problems present & future for PCS

As the leading members of PCS traipse around the country backing the barely visible Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (see post below) the crisis facing the union grows.

Figures sent to activists in the second largest civil service department the HMRC show that as the deadline for the end of "check off" is reached nearly 40% of members have not signed up by direct debit. In some areas like Northern Ireland the figure is barely 50%.

This mirrors the situation previously reported in the DWP where large swathes of members did not respond to the direct debit campaign and many only remain members due to the High Court case which led to Management suspending the end of "check off" by one month.

The far-left/Socialist Party led union continues to wreck a once fine union by taking a political direction based on sectarian self interest and wonders why members have lost faith.

Trouble is the weaker PCS gets the more likely a merger or rather takeover by Unite will become and we'll see how that and the unions current financial crisis is dealt with by delegates at next months seaside bash in Brighton.

Problem is Unite is far more mainstream than the left leaning General Secretary Len McCluskey might indicate.

Here's the message Unite sent to it's members:

Welcome to the General Election England edition of Unite Works.

We all know how important this General Election is.

The last five years have been increasingly hard for so many of us – and at last we have a chance to change that.

Whatever this Coalition – the government that no one actually voted for – has thrown at us, Unite has been there making a stand and fighting back for our members. But we really need a government that will stand up for working people and not make life even harder.

And our members are under no illusion – if the Conservative Party is returned, things will only get worse.

In this special General Election edition we look at the devastating impact of the last five years of Coalition rule and examine the policies that will make a real difference to all our members, to their families and to the communities in which they live and work.

Now it’s your chance to vote for hope and to vote for change.

For a better Britain for all, vote Labour on May 7th.

Jennie Formby

Political Director

That's the right message.

PCS is no longer fit for purpose and there are alternatives:


For HMRC staff: The Revenue & Customs Trade Union:

Prospect: Union for professionals

For everyone else: Prospect

Join a relevant union now!

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