Friday, 24 April 2015

Lutfur Rahman and the Left

The outcome of the corruption case surrounding the Mayor of Tower Hamlets cames as no surprise to anyone who took even the remotest interest in local government affairs and yet despite all the evidence there are those who are in denial.

And I don't mean Rahman or his oily deputy.

One of the most outrageous comments came from Lee Jasper, one of Galloway's lieutenants in Respect. He tweeted:

The logic behind that statement says more about Lee Jasper than he himself would admit.

However he's not alone. Richard "Race play" Seymour tweets

For those trolling about Lutfur Rahman. No, I won't retract anything I've said. No, I'm not sorry. No, I don't defer to the judge's view.

Of course not comrade.

Evidence doesn't matter if it doesn't fit your political purposes.

Then there's John Rees of Counterfire, the one who chaired that memorable press conference where "Cage" supporters claimed mass murderer Jihadi John was a "beautiful man". He rants:

The Tower Hamlets electoral fraud trial was a political event from the beginning. Indeed, everything you need to know about the decision of High Court Judge Richard Mawrey to declare void the election of Britain's first Muslim Mayor is contained in his summary judgement.

And then oddly ignoring electoral law misrepresents one of the charges over "spiritual influence" in which over a hundred local Imams wrote to their flock saying it was their religious duty to vote for Rahman:

And what of the main charge that Lutfur Raham used 'spiritual influence' to gain votes? The judge obviously imagines that Muslims are so backward and superstitious that they cannot make their up their minds how to vote without religious guidance, or to ignore such advice if they wish. How confusing it must have been for those Muslim electors in wards where the front-runners were both Muslims!

Still he's in good company (if you can call it that). Ken Livingstone has joined the fray stating:

"If he's done something wrong have him arrested. Put him on trial. I hope Lutfur will appeal because in all my dealings with him I've never seen anything dodgy."

Erm..Ken..he's been on trial and been barred from office, not allowed to stand for Mayor in the rerun of the election campaign and fine a million quid. 

Such things obviously pass you by mate. Stick to newt collecting.

Then there's the SWP whose National Secretary tweets their banner is more relevant than ever following the courts verdict:

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There's that word..."Islamophobia" that faux victimisation promoted by Islamists and their apologists on the so-called "left".

Rahman had a fair trial and was found guilty.

Nothing to do with his colour or religion just a verdict on his actions. Nothing more nothing less.

The reaction of the left shows how far they have degenerated and adapted to Islamism. They are no longer on the left and are firmly on the road to reaction.

New Party anyone?

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