Thursday, 30 April 2015

Have I Got UKIP For You

I'll paint the town red from The Judge (1885)

Have I Got News For You is in my humble opinion the best satire show on TV at the moment. Far superior to that ITV Newzoids nonsense that was supposed to be the Spitting Image replacement we had been promised.

On Radio there's the News Quiz until recently hosted by Sandi Toksvig. In print there's Private Eye.

And if you can speak French there's always Charlie Hebdoe....

And the thing about satire is that everything and everyone is open to lampooning. And has been since time immorial.

British Museum Papyrus

But not everyone has either a sense of humour or sometimes even a sense of proportion so it shouldn't surprise anyone that some politicians and their supporter take these things too seriously.

The BBC reports:

UKIP has complained to the police over comments about leader Nigel Farage on an episode of BBC One's topical quiz Have I Got News For You.

On Friday's show, journalist Camilla Long made claims about how often Mr Farage had visited Thanet South, where he is standing for election.

UKIP said that broke a law that bans false statements about candidates.

The BBC said the show often made jokes at the expense of politicians. Kent Police said it would not take action.

It's a bloody joke!

One that most people had forgotten about as soon as they finished laughing.

But they'll remember it now. More to the point they might even think it struck too close to home.

The joke really is UKIP.


Private Eye

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