Monday, 29 August 2016

Edward Snowden and the Hollow Earth Conspiracy

As a fan of science fiction it will come as no surprise to readers that I take an interest in science fact. The discovery of a new planet in a "nearby" solar system interested me. The National Geographic reports:

Observations made with a telescope in Chile have indeed revealed a planet about as massive as Earth that orbits Proxima Centauri, which is a cosmic walk to the corner store at just 4.24 light-years away. And if conditions are right, the planet is in an orbit that’s warm enough for liquid water to survive on its surface.

Of course whether it supports any kind of life, intelligent or not is currently unknown. Getting there presents a wee bit of a problem. With current technology it was suggested it would take 20 years. A long way off them considering we haven't even landed people on the nearest planet to us, Mars.

I live in hope that before I pass on that definite proof of life will be discovered somewhere in this vast universe we exist in.

Meanwhile whistle-blower or traitor (whichever you prefer to describe the man as) Edward Snowden has been telling us about a cover up of a "millions of year old "civilisation much closer to home. Underneath the earth in fact and claims to have "proof" from the CIA that the US government (and I would assume others) have knowledge of this.

Now like life on other planets I just simply "believe"  must exist somewhere in some shape or form. Beneath the Earth? It's not beyond the realms of possibility that some lifeforms exist in caverns under our feet. 

But a civilisation responsible for UFO's? Nah.

This short video introduces to this bizarre "theory" and was the shortest I could find. Life's too short, but some of these conspiracy/alternative archaeology/UFO videos can be entertaining. Just extrapolate from a possibility that no one can prove and there you have it.

Atlantis, Lizards, Alien bases on the moon (nuked according to Snowden, I'm sure we'd have noticed...), lizards, the Illuminati. The list is endless and well, it is a bank holiday. So prepare to suspend disbelief or laugh (your choice) here's the video.

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