Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Owen Smith drives final nail in Labour's coffin

Photo: By Nabokov

When the leadership election led to the opening of new, slightly more expensive options of getting a vote in the process for a while I considered signing up. Then came Owen Smith. I was not impressed and decided against joining.

Given the recent court decision not to allow this group a vote it's a moot point really.

However given Owen Smiths comments (backtracked or not) that ISIS should be negotiated with it's clear to me I made the right decision.

Corbyn is a fool and so is Smith it seems. The end of the Labour Party as we know it is at hand.

ISIS are just like the Nazi's. Committing genocide against Yazadi's, Christians and even other types of Muslims.

There can be no negotiation. ISIS cannot be left in control of anywhere as these areas will be nothing but concentration camps. We did not negotiate with the Nazi's we cannot do so with ISIS. They just have to be destroyed. By any means necessary.

It's no surprise that the latest poll in the Standard shows Theresa May has more support than Jeremy Corbyn amongst Labour voters. As Nick Cohen put it on Facebook tonight, Corbyn would lose even if only Labour voters had the vote.

And Smith is no better. He was frankly a non-entity who came out of nowhere because those that could lead the party have stayed behind the lines as the Corbynistas wreck what's left of their party.

The infighting will not end when Corbyn inevitably wins the leadership election. Momentum are already preparing for the next stage of their takeover and have organised a 4 day "event" that will take place parallel to the Labour Party conference which has been endorsed by Corbyn himself.

The only hope for the future would be a new party but such a "nuclear" option is fraught with difficulties and is far from certain to be a success. the SDP failed but times are changing. A space is growing for a new centre/left party but the will to create this does not yet exist.

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  1. Was curious to see what Smith's views were, as I think Corbyn is a dangerous putz, but when I read that Smith supported negotiating with ISIS... another nutcase, IMO. Why didn't the anti-Corbyn/Momentum side of Labour put up any candidates who are higher up on the food chain? Because they're gutless, unfortunately.