Wednesday, 31 August 2016

A Permanent Revolution but not Trotsky's

Not everyone who supports Jeremy Corbyn is a mindless cultist intolerant of any idea or person that dares to disagree. Indeed I have several (not many) but some friends who support him and have been more than polite in their disagreements. There are also those who support Corbyn's domestic agenda but baulk at his foreign policy and connections.

Trouble is there are many who are exactly intolerant, vicious and accusatory to the extreme.

An argument broke out on one young woman's Facebook page which got rather heated. Natasha got angry about the attacks being made on her. The result? Tony Greenstein wrote a blog (a hate site I refuse to link to) denouncing the poor woman as if she were an Nazi, calling on people to "unfriend and block her on Facebook. In doing so he published a gratuitous number of pictures of his target which led to Natasha's address being published on-line. Not by Greenstein, but some other miserable excuse for a human being obviously trying to intimidate the woman into submission.

This is one of the worse atrocities being carried out on-line by a veritable army of Corbynite trolls in the name of the "new, kinder politics" the messiah man himself promised us.

When you have stopped laughing at the back there is a real seriousness to this growing problem. The Labour Party has been swamped by not the Trots, though there are many, not enough to cause the current mayhem, but by the army of protesters that shout in the streets on demonstrations are have politics of the slogan rather than any real idea of how to go about changing the world for the better.

For them "if you are with us you are against us" is central to their blinkered view of the world.

Add to that the new and naive to politics you have a very dangerous and certainly toxic movement that has frankly destroyed the Labour Party for the foreseeable future, if not for good.

The Times published a survey on the Labour Party leadership campaign showing the "new wave" outnumbered the old membership who were on the brink of leaving, but not ready or willing to join something else. An attitude I have also seen among those I know. Old loyalties die hard.  "Always a Labour man/woman" they say.

But political parties do die and frankly Labour is already dead but like the proverbial zombie continues to have it's "pound of flesh". Corbyn will win the leadership election. The moderates or whatever else you would describe them as will be trapped. The threat of another leadership election next year bores the pants off of most people. Labour's credibility has gone out the window.

Corbyn will go on to lose the next general election. His current disciples will bore at having to do the hard regular work required of a parliamentary party and will soon revert to demonstrations pickets and shouting loudly in the streets as new causes come their way.

A new alternative is needed but this will be a generation away unless those who want better pull their bleeding socks up swallow their outdated pride and get a move on.

In the meantime the protesters will achieve the opposite of their intentions: A permanent Tory revolution.

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  1. Us at Shiraz have no hesitation in denouncing this kind of abuse, and naming the culprits, eg Greenstein & cvo: