Monday, 15 August 2016

Lawyers misusing the law

It's hard enough being a soldier on the front-line fighting for your country. Even more so when a bunch of quisling shysters come after you with claims of abuse. The Times reported today that:

A law firm accused of making false claims against British troops in Iraq is to close at the end of the month.

Public Interest Lawyers run by Phil Shiner was stripped of it's contract to undertake state funded cases. The Legal Aid Agency, the body that oversees funding said it was " clear that the breach with (the firms) contract are proven and warrant investigation.

Worse still:

Mr Shiner, a solicitor described as "the "scourge of the army" faces allegations that he accepted illegal payments for cases brought against British soldiers.

Apparently this band of lawyers, I mean vultures has some 1500 cases on it's books lodged by Iraqi & Afghan citizens all out to make a buck.

It cost £23 Million pounds to fund an enquiry into all this. Those involved in this firm must be brought to account and the money recovered.

One soldier at least is considering suing Shiner. All those should do it and not forget the others involved in this dreadful firm.

None of this comes as a surprise. Some years ago I visited the Home Office in Croydon on union business and was appalled to see dodgy solicitors drumming up business from those seeking asylum so that could also get their pund of flesh from the taxpayer.

This brings me to the rather old story that The Times chose to run on it's front page today about those caught by immigration who subsequently apply for Asylum after years of living here illegally. It's no wonder that there is so much hostility amongst the general public to high levels of immigration when they see so many of these people get allowed to stay.

Asylum should be applied for on entry to the UK. Retrospective applications from illegal immigrants should not be accepted. But you can bet there's a whole industry of lawyers making a buck out of this.

Then there is the seeming inability to deport criminals and others who should not be here on bogus human rights grounds used by criminals who commit crimes here.

Most people do not think this is right and it clearly isn't.

The legal profession and the system they exploit needs reform.

The lawyers are only in it for the money.

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