Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Momentum attacks trade unionists

The decision of GMB union members to back Owen Smith for Labour leader has really upset Momentum and their fellow Corbynistas. They'll be out protesting against the result in Brighton tonight.

Apparently they thin the ballot was biased because it mentioned the words "electable" and Prime Minister.

Sigh. The Irony......

The turnout was low, very low in comparison to the number of members that are in the GMB but then most trade union ballots are low but at least the GMB actually asked it's members. Predictably Momentum supporters blame the "Trident effect" as so many GMB members would lose their jobs if Trident were scrapped. How dare GMB members defend their livelihoods.

Perhaps the other unions should actually ask their members. Unite who also have members whose jobs depend on Trident might not want Corbyn.

Meanwhile the PCS union which is not affiliated to the Labour Party not only imposed support for Corbyn on it's members without asking is rumoured to be pushing or helping the old Militant Tendency (now called the Socialist Party) to get re-admitted to Labour via the machinations of it's vainglorious General Secretary Mark Serwotka.

The Socialist Party have a bad track record. They bankrupted Liverpool Council in the eighties and have wrecked the PCS union cutting jobs and services despite telling the government not to do so with their "anti-austerity" programme.

Serwotka and his Militant cronies also imposed a worse pensions deal on their own staff than the government did on it's own members.

These Momentum & Militant types just use whatever they control for ideological reasons. They do not care about jobs or pensions only their own interests.

Trade union members are under threat by the far-left. Corbyn and his followers are a threat to our jobs and futures.

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