Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Murder in the name of the "one prophet" is never acceptable

The maniac who murdered shopkeeper Asad Shah for having different religious beliefs was sent to prison for life today. In the Courtroom Tanveer Ahmed received cheers from a group of around twenty supporters as if his barbaric actions were justified in the name of their so-called "prophet". Ahmed himself was totally unrepentant with his Lawyer releasing a statement in which claimed:

"If I had not done this others would have and there would be more killings and violence in the world."

Only because there are other bigots like Ahmed inside the Muslim community who think they have the right to kill those with whom they disagree. They say they are offended by the views of the Ahmadi sect.

The only real offence of course is the murder and persecution carried out by the Islamist bigots themselves.  

Ahmed will have to serve a minimum of 27 years. Personally I think unless he repents his views life should mean life as a deterrent against such individuals who set themselves up above the law and think they can act as executioner. 

The trouble is that there are many other like him, The Muslim Times reported back in April:

Leaflets calling for followers of the Ahmadi Muslim sect to be executed as apostates (those who have abolished their religion) have been distributed in several locations in London. They are undersigned by a branch of the anti-Ahmadiyya Khatme Nubuwwat group in Stockwell Green, South London.

In an interview with IBTimes UK, Khatme Nubuwwat Academy spokesman Akber Choudhry denied any connections with the Stockwell Green branch of the group, and disputed allegations of connections between the groups. The Stockwell Green group has also denied distributing the leaflets, despite them being found on mosque premises.

“I dispute the assertion there are shared trustees,” he said, also denying claims that the leaflets broke the law.

“There is nothing illegal in that leaflet. It is a theological position that should not be discussed in public but at the end it says one should not take the law into one’s own hands. We don’t share that view in the leaflet.”

The leaflets advocate Ahmadis who fail to repent be given “the punishment of a Murtad, which is capital punishment.” It later states: “Individuals cannot and should not administer this punishment.”

The question that needs to be put to all who follow Islam is why they think it is acceptable to even consider death for those who differ from themselves. What are they afraid of? Is their faith so weak it does not stand up to scrutiny? As an atheist I would argue there is no god or gods and all theology is false. Man created god in his image and countless priests, imams and other charlatans have used blind faith to control the masses this way.

Islam is a particularly backward theology/religion. The misuse of blasphemy by it's practitioners is well known in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran where it is a tool for suppressing minorities and maintain the rule of patriarchal maniacs. It's also used for brutal personal revenge and mob rule.

Of particular concern was the final remarks of Akber Choudary as reported by The Muslim Times were these chilling words:

“The leaflet, though we are not related to Stockwell, expresses a theological position, however it is in bad taste and should not have been distributed to the public. It is an expression of a theological position and the laws of the state must be abided by.”

In other words kept in private and used when the law allows it. Like Pakistan where it is illegal to describe Ahmadi's as Muslims.

Until the barbaric bigotry at the heart of Islam is reformed and rooted out by it's adherents a watch must be made on the intolerant extremists who would carry out such acts.

The Muslim community must be at the forefront of a campaign to end the violence propagated by so many in it's name.

ISIS is only one manifestation of the hate manifested in the name of their prophet. There are many others.

Time to wake up to the modern world and embrace freedom of thought, equality for all, tolerance of those with different lifestyles an orientations. Trouble for the fundamentalists is that may threaten the existence of their religious supremacism and that's why they promote violence to frighten others.

They are afraid.

Followers of Islam have nothing to lose except their chains.

The chains of false religion.

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