Saturday, 13 August 2016

Labour's Jewish problem worsens

The decision of the Court of Appeal to support the Labour Party's appeal against allowing recent members to vote in the leadership election has caused consternation amongst not just Corbyn supporters but others as well has led to some unpleasant and unwarranted speculation and abuse.

I woke up this morning to reports that the world of Twitter was being treated to the latest outburst of the lefts ever increasing problem with (cough) Israeli's or Jews to be more accurate as one complained about "Zionist control of the media. The latter remark belongs to the world of the far-tight, or so I always thought but is now firmly entrenched in the far-left as well.

The Corbynites have long blamed Zionists for raising the problem of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party despite own goals caused by Gerry Downing aand others. Jews are "in control of the media", responsible for the slave trade (according to some activist called Jacqueline Walker) and the Labour Party's woes.

The guy who tweeted "I don't know if this is true but the court judge in Labour vs Labour today was born in Israel" didn't even bother checking his facts as someone responded to him. More so why would this even matter? The founder of the Socialist Worker Party, one Yagel Gluckstein (Tony Cliff) was. How does this "fact" bear on his political stance one way or the other. One's a "Trot", the others not. But when a decision doesn't go your way who do you blame....

At Islington North Constituency Labour Party someone was shouted down for raising the problem of anti-semitism. Would they have done the same to a speaker talking about Islamophobia? Of course not. Criticise and boycott Israel, but do the same to Iran which executes children, gays and Kurds, no. They'll join their messiah Jeremy on the clerical fascist TV channel Press TV.

The Press Officer of "Young Labour" went on Press TV with George Galloway to call on Muslims to vote for Corbyn not Owen Smith.

Does this explain some of the inherent bias against Jews in the Labour Party? It certainly raises questions about the mentality of the far-left that has hijacked Labour.

One thing is for certain Labour has become a toxic place for Jews. 

So much for the internal investigation that led to a Peerage......

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