Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Labour: Forward to the dustbin of history!

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Photo: Michael Billington CC licence 

It's been a strange couple of days even for the Labour Party "leadership" election contest. Firstly Jeremy Corbyn and his disciples complaint about no seats on the train backfired as Virgin showed CCTV of the "messiah" walking past empty seats to sit on the floor.

Who ever dreamt up that little stunt should be given the dunces cap.

Meanwhile the moderates "last, best hope" was on the TV this morning arguing that the Brexit deal should be "put to the public vote" before being ratified.

Erm, I'd call that a second referendum by any other name and that's simply not on. Like it or not (and I don't) the people of this country have voted to get Britain out of the EU. The politicians just have to get on with it, no backtracking.

Owen has already put his foot in it over negotiating with ISIS. As for Corbyn's atrocities, they are well documented on this blog and elsewhere.

As people declare their votes in the election openly on social media I just despair. Labour has destroyed itself.

Rumours of a "split" after Corbyn's re-election is announced circulate but whether the moderates actually have the balls to go through with it remains doubtful. The only thing of which I am certain is that Theresa May will be our Prime Minister for a very long time.

Exactly the opposite of what these people had hoped to achieve, but who in their right minds would vote for the Labour Party now?

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