Friday, 28 October 2016

A dip into the world of the weird

It's Friday night, I'm still fighting off this damned cold that's doing the rounds and a lot of people are starting to prepare for Halloween. However I like to "dip in" to the world of the weird on You Tube every so often and one these channels "UFOmania" has been churning out lots of stuff this week, one of which I posted to Facebook about a US base suffering from an "alien attack".

I'm sure the real media would have noticed.... but still this latest effort with info apparently courtesy of the Russians explains how Mr Putin is preparing against a forthcoming invasion or some such nonsense. I mean, like, haven't you noticed how extreme the weather has been getting? Aliens of course.

Anyway here's a little bit of conspiracy mania to frighten you in your beds before the ghouls come out on Monday.

As for me? I'm off for an early night with a Lem-Sip (other cold cures are available) and will return.

Aliens willing of course!

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