Thursday, 6 October 2016

Another nail in the coffin

The announcement tonight that Diane Abbott has been made Shadow Home Secretary in Steptoe's cabinet is just another nail in the coffin that is known as the Labour Party. A woman who who managed to insult half the bloody country by calling Brexit voters racist is considered suitable for that role? Un-bloody-believable.

And what's more it's distracted from a couple of potential "gaffs" from Theresa May and Anne Rudd which lefties have tried picking up on as "nationalism". Abbott is as toxic as Corbyn to the vast majority of the electorate many of whom will recall as Labour fights the return of grammar schools refused to send her kids to comprehensives and paid for private education.

There is clearly a problem on the left that it cannot see and what's more will never acknowledge. The bottom line is these socialists, especially the one's in organised groups and factions regard themselves as principled leaders of the working classes. Such attitudes have permeated the left since the writing of the Communist Manifesto.

All thetalk of "false consciousness" and "class consciousness" have led the left to consider that they and they alone have the right ideas "if only" and "through struggle" the workers will adopt on the road to utopia.

Never occurs to them that workers might actually simply disagree with the comrades in the first place.

Theresa May is making a charge to the centre ground actually admitting there is a need for government intervention to make society fairer, admits the rich got off bloody lightly during the recent economic crisis, attacked corporations over tax avoidance and openly stated working class families are worse off.

The reason for this is she wants to restore the "social contract" in society that allows capitalism to work. And to be honest that's what the vast majority of people want.  People just want a better deal for themselves and their families. Everyone accepts there are those who will always be better off but resent the way this has got out of hand.

The time has come for reform.

But economics alone do not motivate peoples votes or outlooks. People do not see Corbyn as someone capable of protecting them. His softness on terrorism and unwillingness to defend our nation are of concern. There are also legitimate concerns over immigration which isn't helped by the left calling anyone who raises the issue a racist.

Open borders is not an option. Immigration has to be controlled. There will always be some that's how the world works but after seeing the result of Germany opening it's borders it is no wonder that there is a growing adverse reaction to the large numbers of young men who have abandoned their womenfolk to come to Europe.

This question must be addressed rationally without resorting to the banal sloganeering adopted by either the far-right or the far-left who make debates toxic.

A prime example of where the left gets it wrong is over serious crime committed by individual immigrants who are not deported after their sentence is served.  The primary function of the state is to protect it's citizens.

If someone from abroad commits such crimes, they should do the time and get the boot. These cases where the criminals "human rights" are put before the victims outrage ordinary folk.

Meanwhile as the deluded followers of Corbyn march ever forward to taking control of Labour the opposition required of and in a democracy is failing badly.

I fear at the next election there will be just one choice on the ballot paper and the only other option would be not to vote at all.

What a sad day for democracy that will be.

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