Sunday, 30 October 2016

Joint Community Statement on attacks on Jewish Students

The following statement has been issued by the main organisations representing the Jewish Community in the Uk following yet another attack on the rights of Jewish, pro-Israel and Israeli students to freely debate in our universities.

The attacks by the so-called "Palestinian Solidarity" activists and Islamist students supported by the new black-shirt far-left comes at a time when anti-Semitism is rearing it's ugly head in our society again. the fact that a British Peer, Jenny Tongue can hold a meeting in the House of Lords where speakers are applauded for saying that Jews themselves caused the Holocaust shows how deep the rot has become.

There should be no "safe space" for the purveyors of hate that these activists represent. We can all start fighting back now. Never Again!


  1. You spend all your time rallying against safe spaces in universities, yet when you find an excuse to weaponise them against the Left you're all for them.

    Unprincipled cunt.

  2. Who is calling for a "safe space"? This is simply about the right to hold meetings without actual (rather than imagined) violence and intimidation. You have deliberately misssed the point. "Safe Spaces" are about bans. This is about the right to meet. All that has been exposed here is the ne0-fascism of the protestors. As for you why do you insist on hiding your true identity in making your unwarranted assertion. Write in you own name and don't be a coward.

    It is you, not me that has no principles "comrade".