Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Bake Off to By-Election

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Over the last 24 hours the politico's on social media have been concentrating on the forthcoming by-election in Richmond triggered by the resignation of Zac Goldsmith over the Heathrow airport extension....

Meanwhile the masses have been watching BBC One's Bake Off final in their millions. Well done Candice by the way.

The decision of the Government to build a third runway at Heathrow is now under scrutiny. Good for business and job creation, the new scheme will involve a massive bridge over the M25 and eventually the loss of homes and more noise and pollution for the poor buggers that live there. How the balance is struck between economic necessity and environment is and always will be a tricky question.

However it is the politics of the forthcoming by-election that will be of interest. Already the Conservative Party has decided not to stand a candidate against Goldsmith which will avoid a much more public spat than necessary since if reelected Zac can be relied on to side with the Tories.

The Liberal-Democrats are already crowing about their chances and are fielding Sarah Olney as their candidate. Given that previously the Lib-Dems have done quite well in this part of London and seem to be on a roll they could poll well. Their chances could be increased if Labour's Deputy Leader Tom Watson gets his way.

Watson along with a couple of other Labour "notables" has seriously suggested that their party does not contest the by-election to give the Lib-Dems a "free run". Given the internal warfare going on inside the Labour Party this kind of makes sense. Labour are in no position to win in Richmond under even "normal" circumstances, let alone with the party falling apart under comrade Steptoes Corbyn's watch. I can't call it leadership. Man's a fool with even more foolish and somewhat dangerous advisors.

A Liberal Democrat resurgence could strengthen the middle ground in British politics. Cleggs gone alone with Cable and the rest and Tim Farron for all his shortcomings could build a re-invigorated centre party that in time could act as a catalyst for a major realignment in British politics if /when the moderates decide there is no longer hope of recapturing the Labour Party.

First the election must run it's course.....

Meanwhile I think the British public now quite disillusioned with the political classes will be more interested in the recipe for Candice's wonderful chocolate cake.

You really can have your cake and eat it.

Well sometimes anyway!

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