Tuesday, 25 October 2016

More University flakery

University standards have certainly been going down since the introduction of "trigger warnings" and "safe spaces" for the poor little souls who aren't ready for the real world. We've seen students in the USA walk out of lectures on Greek mythology because the content was "offensive".

Have these kids only ever seen Disney or Marvel Comic versions of these stories? The Greek Gods were a rather nasty lot when it came to meddling in human affairs and were rather brutal when seeking either revenge or taking what or who(usually women) that they wanted. Perhaps the students involved should, like, have actually read a book about them before enrolling.

There are plenty of other examples of student (and university) flakery, but the news that archeology students will get "trigger warnings" because the sight of bones might upset the poor little souls...

The Tab reports

Lecturer Gabriel Moshenka said that introducing trigger warnings were necessary as some students had served in the army and might induce psychological trauma from the content of the course.

Students affected are allowed to step outside without penalty, but are expected to catch up on all they have missed from the lecture.

A trigger warning allows academics to warn students at the beginning of a lecture that it might contain material that some students might find traumatic.

The decision to introduce the warnings was not in response to demand from students, but rather a precautionary measure taken by academic staff.

One asks what else they might expect to find when digging up the remnants of long lost civilisations and tombs.

I hope they don't watch horror movies.

Here's an excerpt from The Prisoner which may explain the lecturers concerns...or not!

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