Friday, 14 October 2016


Photo: CC BY-SA

The Labour Party has dropped behind the Tories by 17%. Shameless Milne and the Stop the War Coalition are exposed as supporting all this countries enemies and the Pound is falling but what most people will remember is the great Marmite crisis of 2016 as this divisive product was taken off the shelves...

Certainly we are on the brink of an economic crisis as the fallout from Brexit takes hold. Meanwhile in the grand US of A the Presidential candidates row about (alleged) sexual misdemeanours.

Still theirs some good news and some odd news. Actually I can't think of any good news this week but the odd thing that happened was Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize for  (ahem) Literature. Thought he was a musician myself, but heck what do I know?

Anyway to end this strange week here's a little something from Mr Dylan himself singing over the opening scenes of the Watchmen movie.

Why this video?

Simply because I can.

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