Sunday, 2 October 2016

First they will come for us Zio's....

The "new kinder politics" has been on display outside the Conservative Party conference today with such slogans as "The only cuts are Tories on guillotine"....with a severed head on the placard. With Labour needing votes from other parties I'm not sure how well that will go down when these charming individuals turn up on the doorstep.

Except these half-professional demonstrators are not likely to be motivated to do the real hard work that's required to win elections anyway. It'll be up to those poor buggers who have always been in the Labour Party to do the donkey work whilst the new breed of puritans dominate the party.

The future of Labour can be seen in the rantings of John Rees, a close ally of Corbyn though not actually in the Labour party because he runs a tiny Trotskyist sect called counterfire that in turn controls the viciously anti-Western democracy Stop the war Coalition. He braided a Corbyn ally for not toeing "the line":

You’re only there, you are only in the shadow cabinet, because Jeremy Corbyn put you there. So start defending Jeremy Corbyn’s policy on Trident and Nato and arms spending.”

Jeremy's policy? Actually he's supposed to promote the agreed Labour Party policy which erm.. wasn't the one Corbyn wanted. Lewis's speech was altered on the autocue by the unelected commissar Seumas Milne. And these types lecture others on democracy!

Momentums's growing toxicity is ever growing. John McDonnell's Irish connections have come under scrutiny again today as The Sunday Times reveals not one of his "youthful" indiscretions over the IRA but a more recently in 2012 by holding a meeting with Irish republicans opposed to peace process in the House of Commons. 

McDonell and Corbyn remember were opposed to the peace process and Corbyn when asked refused to condemn IRA violence when pressed no less than five times.

A man of peace don't make me laugh.

Then there's another of his idiot aides, one Shelley Asquith who apparently dismisses the threat of Islamic extremism and wants to make the anti-terror strategy "unworkable" to the point of encouraging individuals to break the law.

We already know that Corbyn is "uncomfortable with a shoot to kill policy if Islamic extremists start gunning people down in the street. I really don't think the rest of us who are the potential victims of these attacks would feel at uncomfortable with such a policy. In fact I'd bloody well expect our government to protect us.

The toxic hypocrisy of the Corbynista left is visible to all rational thinkers. Motivated by hatred they will only take us to a dark place. 

First they will come us "Zio's", then they will come for you!

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