Saturday, 1 October 2016

Momentum heading to a split?

Photo: Mo'mentum Trumpton

The continuing crisis over the rantings of Jackie Walker has seen one of the main trade union backers (TSSA) threaten to withdraw support from Momentum if she isn't removed.That in itself would be a blow for Jon Lansmans private fiefdom as TSSA host Momentums offices. Walker herself admitted on Facebook last night that she had been suspended from the Labour Party. For the second and final time one would hope.

Despite this Walker still has her supporters including her partner, one Graham Bash who issued a statement along with some other far-left reprobates last night. Whilst that and the support from the obscenely biased "anti-Zionist" website Electronic Intifada is not unexpected she has supporters amongst the rank & file of Momentum who just can't see past their own blinkered world view.

Here's some examples from Facebook helpfully tweeted by Tim C

Of course the sight of the far-left fighting amongst themselves is nothing new.. If wasn't happening now over the dreadful Walker woman it would be something else.

The Momentum committee meets tomorrow and is "expected" to remove Walker from her post as Vice-Chair of their organisation. Thing is Momentums leaders are not elected despite all their protest about democracy so how Walkers supporters (of whom there are are seemingly far too many of) will react is not known. However a split is not beyond the realms of possibility....

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