Monday, 7 November 2016

It's got to be Hillary Clinton

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In just a few hours the American people will be going to the polls to elect their country's 45th President. They have two real choices (there are fringe candidates) Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. To those of us watching events from the UK, US politics seems (and is) such a different world to the one we are used to. Neither candidate is perfect but Donald Trump is such a loose canon I cannot imagine what kind of a President he will make.

Every four years the election of the leader of the Free World makes headlines in not just the West, but also amongst our political and military rivals, potential enemies of the way of life so many of us  take for granted.

When Obama ran for President, Joe McCain seemed politics aside at least a rational choice for the "right" of US politics. A former serviceman he had strong views opposing the use of torture as he had suffered such barbaric acts in the Vietnam war. His choice of running mate, Sarah Palin however made my jaws drop as I listened to a woman who claimed she understood Russia as she could see it from Alaska where she lived. I even purchased her (ghost written) autobiography which managed to offend me totally within 100 pages when she justified hunting in the following terms. God had made animals of meat. An attitude to wildlife that frankly made me shiver.

A movement grew up around her banal and absurd worldview which seemed to not just ignore reality but actually made things up or said things in complete and total ignorance.

And we think British politics is bad.

Now we have Trump, a gross bigoted "pussy grabber"whose uncouth and selfish politics just shock. And yet the election is close....

I know Hillary Clinton is far from the best choice but given the two she has to win.

So my message to American readers is please do not vote for Trump. He's not just a fool. He's dangerous.

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