Saturday, 12 November 2016

The SWP & Militant at Prayer

The two main Trotskyist organisations outside the Labour Party have been rallying today. The Socialist Party has had the first day of it's Annual "Socialism" affair where the activities consist of being lectured at by the leading cadres on the need to build the Socialist Party. This year of course the former Militants have applied "en-masse" to rejoin the Labour Party.

The Stalinist Morning Star wryly commented that this was just a publicity stunt to coincide with their annual bash. However given most left leaning individuals are all heading to Labour to back Corbyn and are more likely to back Momentum. Mind you the old Millies have little time for Jon Lansman and his merry men.

However Peter Taffe the General Secretary of the Socialist Party has made it quite clear he wants to join Labour to "purge the Blairites", so Momentum will have to wait it's turn when the Millies return.

Socialist Worker front page.jpg

Meanwhile desperate not to be forgotten the Socialist Workers Party had one of their Unite the Resistance meetings today. Originally scheduled to attend and speak was one John McDonell but he pulled out after facing criticism about sharing a platform with the highly discredited SWP. "Comrade delta" & all that.

According to their website:

Up to 300 trade unionists and activists from around Britain gathered in central London today,Saturday, at Unite the Resistance national conference.

That's actually not very many given their previous assertions of attendance by thousands, but then the SWP is not very good at maths not even being able to accurately count it's own membership which has suffered as the result of several splits in recent years firstly over "Respect" which led to the creation of Counterfire and some Scottish group (whose name escapes me) that seems to have faded away.... and secondly the delta affair itself which saw the party tear itself apart as members left in disgust over the treatment of women and the issue of rape.

The SWP have never recovered and continue to be shunned by most. They got one new member at the time, one Jane Aitcheson who having been deposed by her comrades in the Socialist Party from a comfy position as PCS DWP Group President defected to the SWP. At the time I did write to her to tell Jane not to do it, but guess being a "right-winger" in PCS at the time held no sway. Never mind, Ms Aitcheson has her moment with UtR:

Rounding off the day Jane Aitcheson and Julie Sherry from Unite the Resistance spoke at the final rally.

Jane said the conference had been a perfect antidote to a week that could easily demoralise people. She paid tribute to the people in the US that have taken to the streets to protest against the outcome of the presidential election.

She argued for the same kind of action here to challenge austerity and inequality in society.

That'd be lot's of whinging, futile protests and a few smashed shop windows then.

Meanwhile Corbyn and his three pounders continue to make Labour unelectable. Did you see the fool hide from a reporter on ITV? Pathetic. 

Not fit to run a whelk stall.

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