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Socialists FIGHT!!

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Readers will probably recall the nasty little Trot Gerry Downing who was rightfully given the boot out of the Labour Party earlier this year for amongst other things being more than a little hostile to Jews or Zionists to use modern parlance. Downing is the leader of the tiny Socialist Fight organisation that originated out of the incestuous swamp known as the Workers Revolutionary Party (Proprietor Gerry Healy, thankfully deceased) which was financed by the Libyans and had links with all sorts of nasty regimes such as Saddam Hussein's Baathists and the Ayatollahs in Iran.

When the organisation imploded Downing like so many of the others "suddenly" discovered how corrupt the WRP was and many of them left to form their own groups of which Socialist Fight was just one.

Today it is believed to have no more than three members but manages to keep a website going for their unsavoury views. One of their new recruits Ian Donovan was kicked out of the small group known as the Communist Party of Great Britain who publish the wildly sectarian Weekly Worker which is essential reading for all would be "Trot Spotters".

Donovan became notorious for promoting the theory that there was an "international Jewish capitalist class" a notion not far off the far rights International Zionist conspiracy theory. Too much even for the "anti-Zionist" CPGB.

Downing managed to get his latest rant published in this weeks Weekly Worker. It seems he doesn't like Jon Lansman, head honcho of the pro-Corbyn Momentum Tendency and is out for blood. Downing has managed to wheedle his way into some tiny ginger group that is new to me, but is run by Nick Wrack, brother of FBU  General Secretary Matt wrack;

I’m going to Nick Wrack’s Labour Party Socialist Network meeting this Saturday. It’s at ULU, Malet Street, from 12 to 5pm and looks like it’s the driving force against Lansman and may well defeat him at the February conference.

Nick’s brother, Matt, general secretary of the Fire Brigades Union, launched the crucial attack on Lansman and is now chair of the Labour Representation Committee. They are mainly ex-Militant Tendency supporters and it’s rumoured to be the vehicle for welcoming in up to half the membership of the Socialist Party, who are now entering Labour.

We could defeat Lansman and then be faced with a new battle there. But in a better, more leftist place to fight, given the democratising of the structures of Momentum necessary to defeat Lansman.

I’ve joined the LPSN for £1 a month retired fee and expect to be warmly welcomed.

Gerry Downing

Socialist Fight

Lansman is obviously shaking in his boots at the thought of the massed ranks of Socialist Fight coming after him. Lansman is in a wee bit of trouble with a lot of Momentum supporters for the demotion of the creature known as Jackie Walker another individual who has a problem with Jews Zionists.

Socialist Fight has published a lengthy tract attacking Lansman which you can find here if you have nothing better to do than watch paint dry.

As a reminder of what the 'orrible little man Downing is like, here's his car crash of an interview with Andrew Neill back in March.

As Harry Hill might say...."FIGHT"!........

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