Saturday, 19 November 2016

Weird at the Weekend: They're here?

I was preparing to sit down and watch Independence Day: Resurgence when I came across the latest offering from UFOmania, one of the wacky You Tube Channels that brings us the news about Nazi flying saucers in Antarctica along with a giant "Troll" apparently.

It seems the Clintons are having to make a decision about releasing the news that aliens exist to the world media....or January 6th 2017.

Possible? Well if anyone had told me that Donald Trump would have been President of the USA and Jeremy Corbyn leader of the Labour Party a few years back I would have just laughed out loud.

I'm not laughing now, but somehow I just don't think this one's gonna happen. Do you?

Now: One to beam over to the sofa. Where's me remote?

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