Thursday, 3 November 2016

The Kremlin, Julian Assange and a war with UFO's?

Anyone who has been affected by this damned cold virus that's doing the rounds at the moment will know how bad it is. Talk of Brexit, the misspelling of Corbyn's name (inshallah), arguments over poppies and the threat of a complete tosser entering the White House have crossed my mind as subjects over the last two days but general tiredness has and is preventing me from joining the general throng.

However having posted one of UFOmania's videos a few days ago I decided to check their channel once again to see what amusing concoction they had put together lately. Their output is impressive and the variety of subjects isn't all just aliens..... well most of it is. There's stuff on the Bosnian Pyramids (yeah had heard that one), ancient rings and god knows what else, but it was this cheery little number I decided to play.

Old Julian Assange, according to them a victim of a CIA honey trap" was arrested on the brink of exposing the USA's war with UFO's in the Antarctic. Yep. Not limited to the long forgotten "Operation Highjump" after the second world war, they're back.

Extra-dimensional rather than Nazi's this time...O...K....

The end of an age is coming..apparently.

Or not as the case may be.

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